Who can apply?

You can apply if 

  • You are willing to relocate and grow your career overseas
  • You are a fully Registered Healthcare Professional (in your home country)
  • You have at least 1 year work experience in healthcare
  • You hold a valid passport with at least 6 months validity left once you are ready to travel
  • You hold or are in the process of obtaining an internationally recognized Language Certificate to prove your language competency. (See the language requirements for each country in Candidates section).

Last review: 03-May-2022

Can I choose the countries I would like to go to?

During the application process, you can let us know which countries you would like to go to. Some of your preferences we may not yet have established a working base in yet, but you are completely free to choose your preferred countries.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

What is the recruitment process like?

The Recruitment Process may slightly differ from country to country, depending on the local requirements as well.

In general, the whole Recruitment process goes through similar stages: .
  1. Registration
  2. Selection
  3. Language Training [if necessary]
  4. Relocation
  5. Start your new job

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

How can I apply for work as a nurse in Europe?

To apply for work as a nurse in Europe, your first step is to contact us and provide your personal information along with proof of qualifications and skills, tell us which nursing field you would like working in and where in Europe you like to work. You can apply here:

One of our recruiters will contact you and will walk you through the selection and interview process and set things in motion.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

How long does the process take?

It depends on many factors. For example, how long does it take for certain documents to be received and procedures to be completed within official institutions or whether you need to take a language course or not and many more.

It can take several months from the time you decide to apply for work overseas to actually working overseas.

Last review: 03-May-2022

What documentation do I need to practice nursing in Europe?

Every country has its own regulations and requirements to qualify for Nurse Registration in the country. Here we list general requirements for most countries. You will find more detailed information in Candidates Section.

The basic requirements to practice nursing in Europe are:

  • You need to be a Registered Nurse in your home country with an active registration.
  • You need to obtain a local Nursing Registration.
  • You need to provide proof of qualification and education.
  • You need to provide proof of language competency (be it English, German, Dutch, French, etc.).
  • You need a work permit.

Last review: 03-May-2022

How many hours a day and a week will I work?

This depends on the local labor laws and Employer. It will be specified in the Employment Contract.

When talking about full-time jobs, a standard workweek is around 38.5 hours, and it is common that nurses work evenings, nights, weekends in shifts. Overtime is paid extra.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

Which countries do you accept candidates from?

Medical Professionals from all nationalities are welcome to apply.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

What kind of medical professionals are you looking for?

  • Health Care Assistants
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Caregivers
  • Midwives
  • Home care nurses

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

Do you offer only permanent positions?

The Employers offer mainly permanent positions for Candidates coming from abroad because of the time and costs that are involved in international recruiting.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

How do you select Candidates for Employers?

Before submitting information to the Employers. we do a first assessment based on the criteria we received from the Employer. If we see a potential fit, we will discuss this with you and then provide the Employer with your Candidate Portfolio highlighting the important elements in your knowledge, experience and skills.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

Will my spouse have permission to work as well?

Each country has its own rules and regulations. Your spouse will need to apply for a Work Permit as well.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

What should I bring with me?

The European climate may be quite different from the country you are traveling from. Before you are going to travel, we will provide you with a list of suggested items and clothing to pack for your journey.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

Do I need to speak the local language?

Yes, you will need to be able to speak the local language to an acceptable level [CEFR: B1/B2]. You will also need to provide proof of your language skills - a valid language certificate.

Wherever you decide to relocate to, it is essential that you can communicate with the patients and your colleagues. 

In some countries, you can start working based on your B1 level, but to be fully registered you will need to get your B2 Language certification within a year.

Ask your Job Coach or Recruiter for more information!

Last review: 03-May-2022

Do you offer language training?

We work with language academies that offer language trainings for all levels and help you with exam preparations.

After passing your exam, you will receive an internationally recognized Language Certificate.

Here are a few of Language Academies that we work with:

Last review: 03-May-2022

Is accommodation covered?

Some employers offer initial accommodation or allowances for the first months. However, it depends on each and every employer and can not always be guaranteed. Once you settle in, you will have to cover your own accommodation costs. 

Last review: 03-May-2022

Who pays for my flight?

Your airfare will be paid for by your Employer.

In case you are going to bring your family, these costs have to be shouldered yourself.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

Do I need a VISA to work?

The short answer is Yes!

Depending on the country, the requirements may differ slightly, but in order for you to enter most other countries, you will need a VISA.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

Will I get a yearly free return ticket to visit my home country?

This is not covered in Employment Agreements.

Under EU Labour Laws, you will receive paid leave as well as a Holiday Allowance as part of the payment package.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

How many days leave will I get?

In the EU you are granted a pro-rata paid leave in line with the Local Labor Laws.

With a full-time contract, this is in the range of 20-25 working days.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

Do I need to pay a registration fee with IWO?

Our Recruitment Services are FREE to our Candidates.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

What expenses are covered?

The following costs will be covered [where applicable]:

  • Germany: Language Course (if needed)
  • Document translation and notarization
  • Medical checkup
  • COVID test
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • VISA
  • Travel insurance
  • Airfare [economy class] from your country of residence to the Employer's country, plus additional public transport [Second Class] from the airport to city of your new residence
  • Airport transfer

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

How will I get paid?

Your salary will be directly deposited by your Employer into your bank account. This is normally done monthly.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

How am I covered for Medical Care?

You are covered by the National Medical Insurance system. Depending on the country, you may need to apply [and pay] for it separately.

The Employer / IWO will assist you with these formalities.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

How will I be taxed?

You will be taxed according to tax regulations of the country you work in. In most countries, the Employer will pay you your net salary and pass the tax on to the Authorities on your behalf.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021

Will I get holidays?

Yes. As a full-time Employee you are entitled to paid Annual Leave like every other nurse in the hospital. 

The number of leave days differ by country but are regulated by Law and Unions.

Last review: 31-Aug-2021