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I Work Overseas specializes in sourcing qualified individuals in the medical industry.

Are you a registered Doctor, Nurse or Healthcare Worker? Would you like to expand your experience and grow your nursing career overseas?

IWO is the best companion to support you through this journey!

Facing continuously rising employee shortages across the globe, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities of all sizes and types seek help in fulfilling their short term and long-term staffing needs.

We take pride in offering the most trusted cross border and international recruitment services in the industry. Identifying workforce gaps in Europe, we provide a lucrative opportunity to highly skilled and qualified talents to start a rewarding career overseas.

I Work Overseas is specialized in finding the right candidate for the job. Our professional recruitment teams in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America understand what it takes to work overseas. Providing premium quality recruitment and staffing services for temporary and permanent vacancies, we can help you match your qualifications and given skills set with the right position and job opening in Europe.

I Work Overseas and our partner agencies work in the best interests of our clients and candidates alike. We want to make sure that our candidate and our client experience is positive throughout entire recruitment process. The Our team will walk you through every phase of the recruitment process. 

We are here for you.

Our approach

We put your needs first!

Taking on a new challenge overseas is a major step and not to be taken lightly. We know this and we are there to help you every step of the way.

Working with International Recruiters locally

Once we receive your application, our local recruiting team will work with you to establish your aspirations and to develop a verified Candidate Portfolio that can attract the Client's attention.

Taking your future seriously

We take your future very serious and will do a detailed background and document check ensuring that Clients are fully aware of your capabilities.

Finding your match

Providing premium quality recruitment and staffing services for temporary as well as permanent vacancies, we match your qualifications and skills set with the right positions and job openings.

Interviews and contract negotiations

We will help and advise you through your interviews and negotiating your contract, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Starting your new future

Our local Placement Agent in your new country of employement will be there to help you settle in and getting used to the new environment. We do not stop at signing the contract, we are there all the way!

The recruitment process

Fill in the Application Form

The first step is to register with I Work Overseas.

The easiest way is to fill in our Application Form online so we can start the process quickly. You can also contact the Recruiter near you or send us an Email.

This is where your journey starts!

Fill the Application Form!

Building your Portfolio

Once we receive your application, we will assess your initial application and contact you to discuss the process and what documents we would need to build your Portfolio which we will use towards the Employers.

Once we have the required documents, we will do the necessary verifications and contact the references to create a good picture of your capabilities.


With the paperwork out of the way, one of our Recruiters will invite you for a full interview to finetune your Portfolio and make sure we get it all just right. What is it you are looking for, where would you like to go and how do you see you develop professionally in the future?!

The following stage is for you to meet possible Employers and go through their interview process as well. We will help you with that of course as much as we can.

Hiring process

Now that you have passed the interview stage, you are happy with the new job and the Employer is happy to have you on their team, the Employer will issue an offer for you to review. We will help you reviewing the offer and are there in case of any questions.

If you are happy with the conditions offered, you can sign the contract and you are on your way to a new future!

Starting your new job

With the contract signed, we will get all the necessary paperwork sorted for you to travel to your new country and start your new life.

We will make sure you are met at the airport by our people and settled in into your new environment. That is one of the benefits of being part of the IWO Family.

Staying in touch

You are now part of the I Work Overseas Family. That is some achievement in itself.

That also means that we will be there for you in case of questions, problems, or just if you want to have a chat.

You can also join our Facebook group to make it easier asking questions.

Some of our latest jobs

This is just a selection of what our Clients are looking for.

Our recruiting team

Welcome to I Work Overseas - West and Southern Africa office. As part of the IWO group, we look after the applicants in the western and southern parts of Africa.

Any questions you may have regarding options, requirements, procedures, do not hesitate to reach out to our team in the Accra office. We will address your queries as quickly as possible.

When you are interested in joining the IWO medical teams or clients across the world, please submit your information to our office so we can start the procedure of getting you on board.

Thomas Okyere

Thomas Okyere

Manager - West Africa

+233 (244) 266 582

Rita Suitor

Rita Suitor

Senior Recruiter - West Africa

Ms. Rita Suitor is a Senior Recruiter for IWO and is based in Ghana. She has been with the Helgard Group for over a decade.

Ms.Suitor was at the forefront of partnering with Agility of Kuwait in recruiting drivers for the latter. She further has extensive experience in the travel industry where she was responsible for guiding travelers, coming to Ghana, and help them absorb the culture shock and integrate into the Ghanaian Society. Something that has worked out very well over the years.

Her zeal in serving humanity has led her to also join Shepherd Heart, an NGO that seeks to serve humanity in areas of supporting the youths, street kids and the needy in society.

Ms Suitor holds a Degree in Business Administration from the Methodist University College of Ghana.

+233 (20) 066 2564

Join us now and let us accelerate your future!

Our services for applicants are free of charge. We promise to treat your information confidential. We probably hate Ads and SPAM as much as you do!

Send your application now!
Send your application now!

I Work Overseas - West & Southern Africa

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